"Maniacal Plan have such a grand sound it could easily fill venues all over the country, as their modern grunge sound is buried in the roots of their influences like Pearl Jam and Tool. 'Happy Suicide' quite fittingly could sit hand in hand with Nirvana in the early 90s and for those who missed the boat first time round, it seems there could well be a new band to worship. The softer vocals on 'Numb' coupled with ender 'Until We're Free' leave you praying they make it over to the UK for some shows soon."
-Sarah Moyes
Black Velvet Magazine - Issue 54

"Now this is one well crafted rock CD filled with the right gear, certainly not for the lame or soft at heart."
-PBS FM Australia

"The NYC bandís debut release "Casualty of Sound" is an instrumentally solid one that offers vocals and guitars that are equally gritty while remaining heavy and slow."

"...this group is about heavy guitar driven rock music with hard pounding drums, and earnest vocals."

"From NYC with something truly special here. Solid rock to the core, especially love the song, "Numb," very much like Alice In Chains or Soundgarden from the other side of the continent with the same musical, lyrical and performance power."
-Real News Network
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